More than 7 thousand trees were injured by heavy snow

The evening of October 10th to the morning of October 11th, the visit to Xining, the snow comes earlier than in previous years, to bring people a different visual effect, the snow against the green leaves, good to hear or see. However, the snow also makes urban trees are injured, according to statistics, in the city of all kinds of damage tree – more than 7000 strains (including units and residential courtyard), spread all across in confusion lying on the ground of the branches also affect the Bayi Road, Dongguan Street, summer street, the main road of the city open, more than 4 a.m. bell, Chengzhong District, East District, garden, urban management staff began to clean up the streets. The damaged trees in the Eastern District of the city is the most serious, the damaged trees reached more than 3800 strains, the West District, north of the city is relatively light. Reporters witnessed] I was in front of the provincial hospital, I was in the South Street, I was in the vicinity of three……" In order to interview at the scene to clean up the damaged trees in the east of the horse master, the reporter ran three locations, and finally in the fourth clearing point Delingha road to see the master ma. Due to the number of damaged trees, he was particularly busy, frequent replacement of the workplace. In Delingha Road, master Ma and three workers are the dead branches in the car, he said, on the day of the cleaning staff dispatched two or three people, and strive to sort out earlier the main road, the protection of the public to travel. [] the scene witnessed a lens: in October 11th 9, the reporter visited the city streets, the streets of many trees have suffered serious damage, some trunks are bending, some of the branches were broken, some overwhelmed this fall, broken branches to spread all across in confusion "lying" in the sidewalk and non motor vehicle lane. The reporter saw at the scene, mostly damaged trees with luxuriant foliage trees, planting trees and new rarely injured. In Delingha Road, a 20 years old tree, a bowl of its thick branches were broken. Scene two: many of the larger branches were broken, bring disaster to the cars parked on the roadside, many cars were crushed. In my city, South Street East District of Tianchi Garden District, a tree about 20 meters high, 60 cm diameter tree dumping, pressure in the parking under the tree white BYD, the owner told reporters sadly, this car is her only yesterday put back a new car, have not had time to buy insurance, now such a thing, do not know who is responsible for finding the. [] about reason analysis of nearly a thousand trees damaged reasons, analysis of city and District garden department technical staff, mainly has two aspects: one is because the sooner the virgin snow, trees with luxuriant foliage, the leaves on the trees to snow, overwhelmed, resulting in fracture; on the other hand because of the evening of October 10th to October 11th morning wind large trees were injured by snowstorm raging. The evening of October 10th to the morning of October 11th, the snow also makes the trees three county city severely damaged. As of press time yesterday, Datong County had serious trees reached 1240 lines, Garden Road, Jiefang Road, cultural square, Yong Jun square lots of trees damaged severely injured trees; Huangzhong County for 1060 strains, unity Road, Tong Ning Road, lots of trees more serious damage; Huangyuan County, more serious damage to trees was 365 the construction of line, West Road, West Street, Riverside Road, lots of trees;