Zhejiang Province, the first to open the financial services hotline

, a reporter from the Xining branch of the people’s Bank to understand, in order to further improve the Qinghai province poverty alleviation precise mechanism for financial services, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch in the province opened the precise poverty financial services hotline, become the first domestic financial service hot line to open the precise poverty provinces. The people of the province can call 12363 phone, consultation with the relevant policies and difficulties encountered in precision poverty alleviation financial services.

it is understood that the precise poverty financial service hotline 12363 relying on financial consumer rights protection advisory telephone complaints, equipped with precise poverty financial services, specifically for poor households, poor households out of poverty to drive all kinds of business entities to provide accurate financial poverty alleviation policy advocacy, counseling and interpretation, to solve the relevant problems in the application, and for poverty alleviation loans in poor households filing riser in credit evaluation. A person responsible for answering the hotline, and reply within 5 working days, the hotline of territorial management, territorial answer, possessions acceptance, Shouwenfuze ", the people’s Bank of citiesprefecture Center branch responsible for answering the local telephone hotline.