Qinghai comprehensively promote the modernization of meteorological work stressed the importance of

9 27, 2009, Qinghai comprehensively promote the modernization of meteorological work conference held in Xining, China Meteorological Administration, party secretary, deputy secretary Zheng Guoguang and vice governor attended and spoke.

Zheng Guoguang pointed out that in recent years, Qinghai meteorological modernization fruitful, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities continue to improve, monitoring and forecasting and early warning capabilities continue to improve, significantly enhance the ability to serve the economic and social development. China Meteorological Administration will continue to intensify efforts to support the construction and development of meteorological modernization in Qinghai, improve the mechanism of cooperation between the province, the implementation of key projects to accelerate the process of modernization of Qinghai meteorological.

Yan Jinhai stressed that meteorological modernization is an important part of the national governance capacity and modernization of the governance system, is an important indicator of the overall strength of economic and social development of meteorological support. All localities and departments to focus on the general requirements of the provincial government, deepening the understanding of the importance of promoting the meteorological modernization, attaches great importance to and vigorously support the development of meteorological service, ensure to achieve synchronization with the national meteorological modernization in 2020. The service should focus on the construction of ecological civilization, and promote the modernization of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation work; focus, strengthen monitoring and warning of meteorological disasters; focus on the efficiency of agriculture and animal husbandry income of farmers and herdsmen, good weather for agriculture and animal husbandry services; focus on promoting economic and social development, strengthen meteorological services targeted effectiveness; focus on ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, to improve the public meteorological service ability; focus on improving meteorological service capabilities, strengthen the construction of meteorological modernization.