Xining to build a prominent pragmatic system

Xining City, earnestly implement the central and provincial deployment requirements, pay attention to the jianzhanglizhi firmly in their hands, the system construction is against four winds, the curing results of educational practice and construct the system of punishment and prevention is a foundation, a solid grasp of the jianzhanglizhi, optimize service environment. Clear waste to change the line standard, do a good job of building a system of legislation. Focus on prevention and remediation four winds problem, from the municipal government to the various departments and units of the county, the existing rules and regulations of one by one sort. Targeted to develop a number of effective rules and regulations, to consolidate the results of the activities to provide a reliable guarantee. Up to now, a total of 229 administrative approval items canceled, fully reflects the various departments and departments of the county to grasp the sense of reform, grasp the determination of reform, grasp the ability to reform. Closely linked to transparent power operation, to build a good system. Xining city to build the system as the core, to strengthen the operation of power constraints and supervision, so that the transparent operation of power, build a long-term mechanism to improve the style. In order to strengthen the coordination of anti-corruption organizations, increase the intensity of investigating cases, the introduction of the working group on the coordination of anti-corruption in Xining. Closely linked to the convenience of the people requirements, do a good job of building a system. Convenience for people to develop well, it is not for the masses to solve the real problem. Xining efforts to achieve power and the masses of the "zero distance" between the demolition of power and the masses of the "spring door", "glass door". To strengthen the system construction, improve public services safeguard function, improve administrative efficiency, improve service quality, develop the "opinions" about carrying out the standardization work in the service window units, to carry out service standardization construction work in the city window service units of the organization, the standardization of construction work as a key to correct damage the interests of the masses unwholesome tendencies work, and the rectification of special treatment, wind construction, solve the demands of the masses, closely investigating disputes and democratic appraisal work, promote the continuous improvement of departments and industry style, make the window unit service standards have a "Yinggang gang".