Xining municipal Party committee meeting requirements to promote the development of efforts to break

February 17th morning, Xining city mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government party meeting, Party Central study group will learn to convey the spirit of the government, the overall work, its construction proposed work requirements, research makes clear in 2013 to key projects, the implementation of an important work, important reform and major activities.

Study on the municipal government decided to Party

, will be the focus of work of the municipal government to sort out the decomposition, to tease out the 20 class 64 municipal key projects, important work, 57 government level 7 important reforms and 7 have a significant impact on the city’s activities, in accordance with the division of work, which makes clear the vice mayor the first responsible person. Wang Yubo stressed that the vice mayor should effectively assume leadership responsibility, in accordance with the "one work, a leader, a team, a catch in the end", the whole task specific responsibility for the implementation of the responsible units and persons responsible for the implementation of the objectives, tasks, implementation measures, focus on Coordination, the progress of efforts to implement, to ensure that the objectives and tasks of hundred-percent in place.

Wang Yubo requirements, one is to implement the central, provincial and municipal important conference spirit. According to the requirements of the provincial government and the municipal work, implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to do solid work to promote development, to break through to request to hard work and improve people’s livelihood at the government level. Two is to implement the work requirements. In their daily work to do in-depth research, timely and effective supervision, coordination and often effective, scientific appraisal and encouraging, efforts to promote the work carried out smoothly. Three is to strengthen the government’s own construction. To conscientiously fulfill the development, stability, integrity, responsibility for the security of the municipal government, a group of people to take the leadership in a firm political direction, politically sober and firm; make an example on changing the style, implement the provisions of the central eight, twenty-one provincial municipal regulations, the provisions of article fifteen, the first implementation of first, make an example; in the unity and cooperation, to ensure that the work of coordination timely, orderly, with strong cohesion; make an example for people in the performance of their duties, to solve the people most concerned about, the strongest appeal to things in to solve major livelihood issues, to earnestly perform their duties. (author: 1)