Golden week, nearly 400 thousand people visit the park

"Eleven" golden week, the city’s major parks Yourenruzhi, 9 Municipal Park 7 days a total of nearly 400 thousand tourists, one of the most popular park is still the people’s Park, Nanshan park. This reporter learned from the Xining park management center. According to the latest statistics show that golden week seven days, people’s Park of nearly 300 thousand tourists, accommodation is the first park. The second is the Nanshan Park, October 2nd on the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, is climbing Festival, is a festival for the elderly, so go to Nanshan Park climbing fun of people in a continuous line, only in October 1st 16 (the 8th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) to October 2nd (the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) 1, Nanshan Park met more than 20 thousand visitors; the October 2nd day, the park ushered in the 13 thousand visitors. At the same time, this year "eleven" during the golden week, the number of Xining wild zoo and food green scenic area tourists also increased. At present, the Xining wild zoo is hosting gold Chrysanthemum Exhibition Aiju, popular people welcome more than 40 thousand visitors during the festival to enjoy the chrysanthemum. At the same time, scenic area also held a green food exhibition rose, clumps, a rose in bloom, the district green dress more beautiful scenery food. In addition, Kirin Bay is an open city park, the entrance of many, crowded, there is no statistics on the number of tourists. "Eleven" golden week, the city’s major parks decorated a new, placed flower beds, hanging flags, flags and lanterns, so that visitors feel a strong festive atmosphere. However, in the clean and tidy the garden environment, there are still individual citizens can not be civilized garden, littering, spitting, even discourage staff drill into flowers pictures, their behavior does not become the most beautiful scenery in the park.