For the May Day Dragon Boat Festival, Xining City Commission for Discipline nspection issued six ba

to conscientiously implement the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the deployment requirements, in April 27th, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection for the period of two are prone to problems, issued "on the strengthening of the" 51 "during the Dragon Boat Festival work discipline and self-discipline work notice".

notification requirements at the party and government organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions and cadres to conscientiously implement the provisions of the eight central provinces and relevant measures to prevent the four winds problem rebound, strictly to six is strictly prohibited". It is strictly prohibited to holiday nominal spamming allowances, subsidies and bonuses or public funds to buy gifts dumplings, boxing; prohibited use of public funds to travel, high consumer entertainment, fitness activities, or accept the management and service objects, arrange such activities to entertain each other; prohibit the use of gifts of public funds and public funds arrangements with official independent; non Gongjusiyong, private bus driving and using power to the enterprise and the subordinate units or management service use vehicles; non Party cadres accepting gifts, gifts, gift cards, or participate in gambling in any form; non Party cadres violations make arrangements for weddings and festive matters.

day before, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection will organize a thorough investigation of the working group to carry out supervision and inspection of each unit of the implementation of this notice, Hensha unwholesome tendencies.