Mayor letters and visits to solve the heating problem

Spring Festival is approaching, in the festive atmosphere of the family are busy, but the city’s 7422 residents of a residential area, but because of the February 13th home heating was stopped and the sad face. February 15th, the mayor’s petition reception day, the mayor of the city of Wang Yubo in the city received a letter from the District Office of the 10 representatives of households, and held a meeting to solve the problem of heating residents heating. 6 o’clock that night, cold for the first time in the area of the last 2 days of the residents of the household heat up 7422.
away satisfied results after the mass petition, the petition cadres and Wang Yubo face-to-face exchange forum. He stressed that the petition is an important link between the party and the government to contact the masses. The work is not only the petition departments that leading cadres at all levels should attach great importance to the petition, to take the lead to implement the regular operational system, with responsibility, with feelings, and listen to their demands and suggestions, resolve conflicts and disputes, to maintain social stability. To implement the relevant requirements of the rule of law in Xining, according to the law to accept the masses to visit the masses;