Build a happy life, Xining on the road

eighteen report with plenty of space to paint a picture of a beautiful China picture of happiness for the people; the twelve provincial Party Congress put forward to a new life for the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai to live a happier struggle; the thirteen Party Congress also made clear to build Xining to make people satisfied with the life of the city, the city of happiness. Xining how to act?

summer into the earth, it is not difficult to find, the answer is everywhere: when the Xining economy embarked on the rapid development of the fast lane, she comes to the rise of the prosperity of the industry, trade, improve the life of the people; when the Xining open to all rivers run into sea minded merchants Zhi, she should be full of unique charm of industry should travel in livable; when Xining Huimin uphold the concept of priority, will focus on the eyes down down, she was greatly improved the life of the public smile in bloom……

but we’re still far away from the target. During the two sessions of the province, representatives of members from Xining do not miss a minute, actively planning for the development of Xining suggestions. On behalf of the members said that the construction of a happy life of the city, is a project never completed, we need in unison and never stop; we need persistent, step by step. Stepping on the rhythm of the times, taking the pace of vigorous, Xining is building a happy life on the road ahead! (reporter Sheng Nan)

Provincial People’s Congress, city district party secretary Su Leihong


project to Simon district great wealth

in recent years, the city’s total retail sales of social consumer goods has been ranked first in the four district, in 2012 to complete the 9 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 17.03%, accounting for nearly the total amount of the city’s total, the city has become a pillar industry in the production of three. This year, the area around the total retail sales of social consumer goods growth target of 16% and three living area production ideas, vigorously promote the consolidation of Simon district business advantages, the development of modern service industry focus, in the old city building wells Lane Central Business District, a Cultural Center Plaza Business District, central business district two wells Lane starting period, South Gate Stadium fitness center and Mo street entertainment complex and other commercial projects, to further enhance the old urban service industry; new city in the south, focus on promoting the south of hot springs, Xinhen city complex and South Science and Technology Museum project, actively develop cultural exhibition economy, commercial gas enrichment gas to gather popularity, promote public service center and the core business district construction. (reporter Sheng Nan)

Provincial People’s Congress, municipal committee, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone, deputy director of the CMC Yao Lin

resources to save the environment will be more prominent