Can you give birth to a second child

After 80: easy to nurture a child born difficult"

80 Xiao Zhao and her husband have only one child, according to the policy, even if there is no "comprehensive two child family planning policy, they can also enjoy two separate child policy have two children. However, why so resolutely choose only one, Xiao Zhao has its own reasons.

"is now the parents can help thirty years of age, although children, but the birth of a child, child rearing costs increased year by year, to raise a child good is not easy, not to mention another." Xiao Zhao said.

in Zhao’s side, almost all 80 students, friends, everyone in the discussion to the two children of this problem, the vast majority of 80 that quality of life is more important than to two children. If you want to have two children now, it means that the burden of her husband heavier, their development has been affected. Growing elderly parents should not only help us to see the children, we also supplement in the economy. Wait until middle age, the top four elderly, the following two children, the days of the future do not want to think." Xiao Zhao refused two children’s attitude is very firm.

70: "is a good news to catch the last bus"

in the full liberalization of two children after the news, the 70 is different from 80 concerns, many people welcomed this as a "non exclusive" after 70 groups cry. Reporters in the circle of friends specifically asked the 5 after the mother of 70, of which there are 3 after the mother is willing to regenerate a 70.

"the birth of a child, child rearing cost is very high, but considering that after the old days, now yaozheya also quite the past. If the physical conditions permit, I will consider a regeneration." Ms. Wang said.

Not only