600 people planted yesterday, the city of happiness

To give the general public to actively participate in the construction of green Xining and create a harmonious ecological environment of the platform, April 9th, jointly organized by the West District of Xining city volunteers association, the Communist Youth League West District, West District Environmental Protection Bureau, West District Animal Husbandry Bureau of water and Sea city newspaper "City West happy forest planting activities and natural care volunteer service western city activities held in the provincial capital of the village hall. There are more than 600 people to participate in this event.

at 10 in the morning, sign up to participate in tree planting activities of volunteers gathered in the village of Yinshan, eye-catching "West happy forest" stele stands in the open front. According to Shen Yonggang, director of the Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry, West District, the activities of the Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry brought a total of 1200 trees, including pine, poplar and cloves. Volunteers are very enthusiastic and energetic, digging, trees help earth, watering, tree planting base a hot and busy scene of labor.


event, the public Huang Yuling doing extra hard, when it comes to participate in tree planting activities of the mind, Huang Yuling smiled and said: "after retirement, you want to do something meaningful, see the newspaper the planting activity recruitment propaganda, I quickly signed up." Huang Yuling, who worked in the community before retirement, was not free to take part in public welfare activities. I am happy to be able to contribute a little to the greening of the city."

noon, the event is over. Through our efforts, 1200 trees all kinds of good, also posted the adoption card, many people take pictures in their own trees planted beside.

according to the West District propaganda department vice minister Cai Qingwen introduction, this event can be held successfully, cannot do without the public’s attention to environmental protection and enthusiastic participation, "each tree will grow into trees, these trees grow is a symbol of a better tomorrow west." She hoped that through this kind of public service activities, each citizen to participate in the cause of environmental protection. (author: Guo Rui,)


love lilac

working in the crowd, Zhang Haiming and his girlfriend particularly eye-catching. The two young men were talking sweetly, and their hands were busy and very understanding.

"we met in the volunteer team in the west." Zhang Haiming took his girlfriend’s hand and said, two years ago, Zhang Haiming became a volunteer in the west, where he met his girlfriend now. Two years, they met, know each other, love each other, but also participated in a lot of public welfare activities, and now they have begun to prepare for the wedding. "Today we planted a lilac tree, hoping it would be as long as our love."

husband and wife planting trees

Zhang Longzhong couple saw the West Sea metropolis daily news about planting trees, quickly called the name. April 9th early in the morning, he and his wife Su Xiugui 7 o’clock get up early to live;