Green Fair will be held in Sanjiang, the source of national park construction science and technology

6 19, 2011, held in Sanjiang, the National Association of science and Technology Park, the national science and Technology Park, the construction of science and technology experts to support the Advisory committee. The provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group office director Ma Shunqing, academician of the Academy of engineering, Chinese Chinese Engineering Institute Vice President Xu Delong delivered speeches respectively; from Chinese Academy of engineering, Academy of Sciences Chinese well-known academicians and experts give advice and suggestions, provide a theoretical basis for the benefit by mutual discussion, and Qinghai to explore the source of Sanjiang to promote the pilot national park system technical support and intellectual protection.

the meeting pointed out that as the development of the Chinese nation life water, water, water civilization, Sanjiang living water coverage of China’s 66% regions (including the south area covering north project), is of decisive significance to the sustainable development of the country. In March this year, the office of the State Office issued the "Sanjiang source of the national park system pilot program", aims to reform the system mechanism innovation, to build Sanjiang District first national park built ecological restoration demonstration area, Sanjiang Tibet Plateau source sharing and harmonious coexistence between human and nature, nature and ecological protection of Tibetan Plateau show cultural heritage area. In practice, the provincial government will be regarded as "day name" reform project, give the power of the province to promote, and all kinds of protection, optimization and reorganization of National Wetland Park, an important source of drinking water and other aspects of a breakthrough.

meeting stressed that the source of Sanjiang National Park pilot system is a new system pilot, a huge system engineering, a pioneering work, there is no ready-made model and mature experience can be used for reference. In the pilot policy framework, with the help of academicians and experts of intellectual superiority and high-end wisdom fully, to deepen the pilot system, the successful completion of the pilot task, to provide protection and management experience of copy can be extended for the country, to the Party Central Committee and the State Council on qualified respondents.