Embarrassing things may wish to use humor to ease

daily life are likely to continue to encounter embarrassing things, not to mention doing business, embarrassing thing is more common. However, if there is such an embarrassing thing to do? If not resolved, I am afraid it will have an impact on the operation of the business. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce a skill for everyone, this is to use humor to solve.

boss, does this sunscreen work?"

, of course!"


"you see my face every day, delivery of the wind and rain tree, not black? Besides, you’re such a beautiful woman!"

"you’re funny……"


shop so far, with the number of such small humor to let customers happy shopping, can not remember.

customers around me that I am very funny, and I am willing to do business. The ancients said, "a man without a smiling face Hugh shop", I think, in addition to the smiling face, to see the customer, as the owner of the shop you need to have a sense of humor, to bring you happiness, it can not only resolve some embarrassments, embarrassing things, also left a deep impression to the customer remember.

a few days ago, an old aunt came to the store to buy things, nothing to talk about a few years ago, a few years ago, the people to laugh over……

that was the day of the fall of 2010, I went to the new countryside where the aunt to deliver, because the rice to be received, I will take some cotton gloves to buy. After delivery, I opened a stall at the entrance of the village to the big tree hem, shouting —

"busy to wear gloves, do not hurt the hand, durability is good! The gloves of the novel are coming!"

a moment ago, surrounded by many stalls sister aunt aunt.

a look so many people, I am more spiritual, and picked up a pair of gloves in his hand, and waved —

cheap, reliable quality……"

at this time, only to hear "coax" a burst of laughter.

I see everyone staring at my hand, hurriedly put on a look.

originally, the middle finger of the glove is scattered, and the finger is pointed out. What is "reliable"?! Of course, to get everyone burst out laughing.