Operations for the twenty-fifth plenary meeting of the provincial government held

11 10, the provincial government held the twenty-fifth plenary meeting operations. The meeting conveyed to learn the fifth national disabled work conference, passed the "13th Five-Year" Qinghai province to speed up the disabled well-off process planning "(Draft) and the recognition of the province’s advanced units and advanced personal suggestions for work list. Vice governor, provincial operations director Kuang Yong attended the meeting.

Kuang Yong pointed out that the fifth national disabled work conference at the national level, defined the objectives and priorities for work during the period of 13th Five-Year ". The province at all levels of operations and helping organizations to study and implement the spirit of the meeting, and constantly improve the institutional mechanism of the development of the disabled, to further improve the basic system to protect the interests of persons with disabilities, to stimulate social vitality to provide support for the disabled, accelerate the disabled well-off process.

Kuang Yong stressed that all localities and departments should put forward in accordance with the General Secretary Xi "comprehensive well-off society, the disabled not one less" total demand and the provincial government to win the battle of poverty "four years of concentrated poverty, a year to consolidate the overall deployment of ascension", seize the key to complete the work of poverty the hard task of poverty. The Department of civil affairs, poverty alleviation, especially to disabled poor people with disabilities as a key into Participatory households, do not lose one, the implementation of dynamic management. At the same time, to formulate the annual appraisal plan as soon as possible, a clear assessment object, contents, methods and procedures, and from the province operations assessment working group composed of members of the unit, 8 city to carry out assessment work, the quality and quantity to complete the assessment task.