Technology + nnovation = industrial efficiency of each park will build a cradle of science and tech

this year, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone will adhere to grasp the investment growth and enhance the capability of independent innovation and the promotion enterprise independent innovation ability to achieve new breakthroughs, each year, the park will support the new enterprise engineering technology research center or enterprise technology center more than 3.

last year, the development zone to actively support enterprises to carry out technical innovation and research and development, has achieved a new breakthrough in lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, aluminum alloy, biological enzyme, drug development and other products R & D. Park of Tibetan medicine and Cordyceps cultivation, plateau Seabuckthorn development in 3 countries and local joint engineering laboratory construction, Photovoltaic Testing Center, waste heat utilization construction research center of CAS, salt chemical industry test base of national and provincial R & D center smoothly. Jinke Tibet, Mount Everest Cordyceps, three magnesium and other 14 enterprises in Xining city was named the first batch of science and technology innovation demonstration base. Dongchuan Industrial Park was awarded the national Ministry of industry and new materials industry demonstration base title. Qinghai Health Science Park was named the second batch of national Ministry of industry, National SME public service demonstration platform". Park enterprises to declare the patent technology 100, with a total of patented technology of 313, the company’s product research and development capabilities to further enhance.

this year, continued to focus on Enterprise Development Zone will vigorously support Mount Everest pharmaceutical, Taifeng pulead, Jinke Tibet, Asia silicon industry has a number of independent intellectual property rights and core technology innovation ability. Accelerate the construction and development of electronic copper foil, lithium batteries, solar photovoltaic manufacturing, light metal alloy materials, Chinese medicine, Chinese wolfberry, Cordyceps deep-processing industry research and development center. To help enterprises to actively strive for "123" science and technology support projects, accelerate the park’s 33 major industrial technology projects, support enterprises to carry out research cooperation, and strive to improve the capability of independent innovation of enterprises. (author: Zhou Jianping)