Xining municipal government executive meeting to promote the growth of investment adjustment structu

February 26th afternoon, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government executive meeting to consider "sixteenth, to further improve the investment system and operation mechanism of the opinions (Draft)" and "Xining forest city construction planning (2012-2020)".

further investment work, Wang Yubo stressed that one should firmly establish to promote investment growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood concept. The county departments should take investment as an important global development work, ideas, goals, tasks, determination, year after year more effort to achieve greater breakthroughs, not only to have a breakthrough in quantity, but also in working ideas, working methods and work the characteristics of breakthrough. Two in accordance with the specific, practical, effective requirements continue to improve the institutional mechanisms of investment. Investment is the core of the service. Both must work to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the county departments, everyone involved in the investment, but also to take the initiative to in-depth and meticulous services, do in the information service, the service in the fully symmetric policy based on clear and penetrating, work fine, solid work in active service in place. Three to effectively clarify the responsibilities and tasks of investment, the beginning of the year to build goals, strong supervision in the year, the end of the hard assessment. Four to emancipate the mind, innovation and practice, from the aspects of consciousness, mechanism, responsibility, etc..

in the "forest city construction planning of Xining (2012-2020)", Wang Yubo pointed out that the municipal government attaches great importance to the establishment of National Forest City, to create a national forest city is an important work in line with the central requirements, in line with the actual situation, adapt to the people. Wang Yubo stressed that the work to create a national forest city should firmly establish "by Lin Huimin and Lin Meicheng" concept, to increase the population and city landscape afforestation work, to create work to promote afforestation, forest protection, forest pipe, realize forestry work big leap, upgrade and development. According to the "forest city construction planning of Xining (2012-2020)" to develop annual work plans, so every year, every year, small victories, and ultimately the "forest city construction, forest, Xining plateau city charm summer", make the city into the forest, let the forest city embrace. (author: Sheng Nan)