Xining to take measures to fight pollution protracted war

  in recent years, our city greening a year to a new level, the green coverage rate has been ranked in the forefront of the national capital city. According to the overall planning of Xining City, 2015 will strive to basically reach the national standard of forest city construction, build a "city in the forest floor in the tree, in the green, forest and water dependent, Lin Lu embedded" forest city development pattern. Li Xiaogang photo on the morning of October 6th, Datong County, Datong County, the leaders and the comprehensive management of air pollution control inspection team members, in-depth inspection of key areas of air pollution control work progress. It is understood that on the morning of 6, the comprehensive management of air pollution in Datong County inspection team first came to the bridge in the town of dark road demolition site, demolition site not wet work, no construction site Weidang inspection team immediately ordered to take corrective measures. In 28 kilometers of key areas of governance, Dawn Road cleaning, watering, repair, masonry, side ditch drainage ditch desilting work has been implemented, the inspection group for Yinqiao Hotel and dawn area at the entrance of the broken wall repair, garbage clean-up, sidewalk sclerosis and other governance put forward specific requirements for rectification. It is reported that the Datong County air pollution control inspection team in the future to 28 kilometers of comprehensive pollution control from the door of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. Ltd. extends to Mao Jia Zhai Cun, to comprehensive management of the road along the route, extending outside the shop and banned Jeeves, good health road cleaning. Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. plant in surrounding areas is a leading concern, the government could, worry about regional enterprises, in order to ensure the county air pollution control work is effective, bridge in the town, Hill Township and Qinghai Yihua chemical industry limited company will strictly implement the higher leadership requirements, take the necessary control measures of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. calcium carbide slag field, and under the stone bridge in the town of Feng Shan Xiang He Jia Zhai Cun, small product, will completely withdraw from the operation and management of carbide slag field, taken over by Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., responsible for the completion of the carbide slag slag, fill the remaining field coverage before the end of the year, contact the carbide slag using unit actively shipped carbideslag. It is understood that Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. triangle area around the door wall and drainage ditch under construction process, and the area of governance needs to be further improved, the county housing construction bureau is responsible for the construction of the 2 meter wide sidewalk, hardened brick laying; County Forestry Bureau is responsible for planting sidewalk greenbelt; County Department of transportation to removal of construction waste; County Environmental Protection Bureau to complete the construction of the wall, and to whitewash the wall; the county bureau is responsible for cleaning up the road pavement door advertising. (author: Wang Chengying)