The three phase of the north and South Mountain green green acres of the project 42 thousand and 800

green, a large scale flows from the north and south of the Xining mountain county three two! With the north and south mountain three green project start and comprehensive construction, Huangzhong County town of dopa yanergou Nanshan, Huangyuan Chengguan Town, Datong County Dongshan Dong Jia Zhuang Cun Dong Xia Xiang Nan Tan cun…… One every once low forest cover areas have been or are covered with green, the reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the first half of this year, the city has completed three north-south mountain afforestation task 42 thousand and 800 acres, for the objectives and tasks of this year 95.5%.
20 years of efforts to persevere, let us in the north and south of the Xining mountains created a miracle, the former barren hills were covered with green, soil erosion has been curbed, doubling the number of wild animal, people live in harmony with the natural plateau city, Xining to promote the coordinated development of social economy, played a significant ecological, economic and social benefit. After the one or two phase of the project in April this year, the three north-south mountain greening project officially started, plans to implement three north-south mountain afforestation task 44 thousand and 800 acres this year, the artificial irrigation afforestation 31 thousand and 400 acres, fenced 13 thousand and 400 acres, a total investment of 200 million. At present, the county has completed irrigation afforestation task 31 thousand and 100 acres, 11 thousand and 700 acres of afforestation, as the target of 95.5%, a total of more than 348 trees planted all kinds of trees, built a simple mountain road 51.4 kilometers, laying temporary water pipe network 7.6 kilometers, completed an investment of 105 million yuan. Three green project