The national forestry station at the end of the investigation work seminar classes in Xining

7 29 July, the national forestry station at the end of the investigation work seminar classes in Xining. The seminar aimed at the national forestry station at the bottom of the investigation work arrangements, and to discuss the relevant work. 30 provinces (autonomous regions) nearly 70 comrades participated in the study.

China’s township forestry station in the early days in the country began to build, but over the years China has not carried out the basic situation of Forestry Station comprehensive survey system, constraints give full play to the functions of the forestry station. In order to strengthen the management of forestry station, decided from 2008 onwards, the use of three years to complete the national forestry station survey.

implementation of the background investigation project, mainly in order to fundamentally change the status quo of forestry station construction and management lags behind, the forestry station can continue to adapt to the actual needs of China’s forestry development and ecological construction in the new period, and fundamentally improve the management level of forestry station.

The management mechanism of

as the most grass-roots forestry department, by the end of 2007, our country has established 27028 township forestry station, the existing 140 thousand staff responsible for the forestry station, 640 thousand village Rangers, 150 thousand rural forest management and guidance. The township forestry station at the organization to complete afforestation area accounts for more than 70% of the national total, the organization management of collective forest natural forest 200 million acres, the annual direct control of forest pest and disease area of about 60000000 mu, guiding practical techniques to promote forestry area of about 10000000 acres. Like the whole country, forestry station plays an irreplaceable important role in the forestry construction of our province. As of the end of 2006, the province has been built in the state, the ground (city) level forestry workstation