The new train station in Xining charm previews

October 29th, late autumn night in Xining, the temperature has reached zero degrees celsius. Xining Railway Station construction site is still lit, engineering car shuttle kept at the site, the workers are still busy sweating.

According to

director of construction of China Railway Construction Engineering Group of Xining Railway Station office Chang Feng introduction, as of the end of October, the line side of the main station building project completed, the roof structure is completed, the implementation of indoor decoration, the overall project has been completed 75%; high speed field of elevated station building completed the main structure, the roof structure has been completed, is in the room the decoration stage, the overall project has been completed 70%; elevated station building and canopy, underground tunnels have started construction, building 68 pile foundation construction has been completed, has now entered the main building engineering construction stage.

from afar, Xining Railway Station line side of the main station building in the night is clearly visible in the mapping site under the lights, the eagle unique design very attractive to the eye. At present, the upper external hollow glass curtain wall and aluminum curtain wall decoration has been completed, is under construction. The person in charge of the project department under the leadership of our internal side line into the station, see the workers are busy indoor project, a 100 square meters of space model has completed renovation, granite floor, transparent glass curtain wall, for showing us the future built after one corner of the office of the ticket vending machine simulation. "This is the left line side station ticket hall, what is modern!" Staff said.

station from the line side came behind the elevated waiting layer and the station building construction area, several large hoisting machines are hoisting of steel structure roof. According to Chang Feng, station house steel structure with large span plane steel truss arch structure, ground segment assembling welding, lifting height welding molding, welding by experienced technical personnel manual welding, after welding using ultrasonic technology to ensure the quality of welding, lifting the roof by one-time slip technology installed robot jack. Xining Railway Station to the steel structure of the use of 14 thousand tons of steel, equivalent to the amount of steel used in the Eiffel Tower of Paris, two, so we stand at the foot of it when looking up, it will be shocked by its tall and spectacular.

as an important part of the Xining Railway Station to change the project in front of the station square is also tense construction, the underground structure of the station square has also been a prototype, entered the stage of interior decoration. The station square channel is three layer structure, after the completion of the Qilian Road Station preceding the underpass type tunnel traffic, underground layer of passengers out of the station transfer hall, two layer underground parking lot, three underground subway layer in the future.

with the new Xining Railway Station main outline is more and more clear, the history of Xining investment in the project is attracting more attention. It is understood that the new Xining Railway Station has two major commercial core circle: the former commercial leisure Plaza, Binhe Road and Jianguo Road underground commercial street. Currently, the project has been carried out in the early stages of the work. These two core business circles to build, will revive the Xining Railway Station and the surrounding human business, enhance the surrounding area;