Soya bean milk bottle in the barrel of industrial and commercial staff to check the processing point

 , "when I first came into the house, I saw the operator put the dirty bucket on the ground and put it in the jar of milk!" Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau West Branch, said Ma Hongjun, director of the office of industry and commerce. In November 3rd, industrial and commercial in pengjiavillage seized two soybean processing, are suspected of operating without a license.

at noon on November 3rd, in pengjiavillage business law enforcement officers dispatched to check the area of food business households, respectively, in Liu Jia Zhai Cun 525, a rental yard, antelope road five team Jiashuyuan after the wall of a rental office seized two bean products processing. The reporter saw in the rental, the door in the right and left sides have a pair of iron, above have produced good tofu, bean curd, tofu basket mounted directly on the ground, there are chunks of black marks out of the basket, the ground is full of white water. Ma Hongjun said that when they check, just to see the operator into the dirty bucket into the installation of soybean milk to rinse. And these two processing points can not provide valid business license, health permit and health certificate, has been on the two processing sites for investigation.