What are the procedures of the golden claw claw pot

now, with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we are healthy and delicious food, is always very popular. How about the golden claw? Delicious, loved by consumers. Gold claw dry pot to join the project, is our successful entrepreneurial choice!

gold claw claw pot to join what process?

1, the intention to join the business to the golden claw dry pot shop for products, brands and other aspects of a comprehensive investigation.

Submission of application form for

2 and interested customers.

3, gold claw claw of the Ministry of investment to carry out qualification examination.

4, confirm the application cooperation, signed the contract.

5, gold claw claw of the investment department of the dry pot site approved.

6, the design department to provide renovation programs and guidance.

7, gold claw dry pot to join the marketing distribution and the opening of the preparatory work before the guidance.

8, investment and employee products, business training.

9, gold claw claw dry pot franchisee business trial operation.

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