Professor arsenic refractory leukemia first There was no parallel in history.

let’s Chinese independent had a proverb called XiangShengXiangKe, namely, all things have certain connection is like poison arsenic can cure leukemia, recently, a professor of leukemia treated with arsenic has been recognized.

it is reported that seeking Science Foundation was founded in 1994 by the famous industrialist Cha Jimin, the award is to encourage the development of specialized outstanding young world-class scientific research personnel, to provide help for Chinese first-class universities overseas has the most potential for development of young scholars, for the development of science and technology in the future 20 years of leadership training. So far there are

Chinese scientist

260 in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biomedical science and technology have obtained outstanding achievement foundation awards, 1 of which "seeking Lifetime Achievement Award", "outstanding scientist award 24.


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