Some attention to the beauty salon decoration

beauty salon is indeed a very broad business space, however, due to fierce market competition, therefore, if any aspect of the work is not done, are likely to affect the future development. Therefore, naturally require operators to focus on any small details of the operation of beauty salons. Among them, the beauty salon decoration is a very important aspect, once despised, it may have a very negative impact on the future of business.

beauty salon decoration, site selection for beauty salons in the end how much? Many bosses have considered their own beauty salon business is bad, because the site is not good enough to decorate and cause. Although this is not a beauty salon business is the main factors for good, but now the beauty salon boss talked about this problem, then let Xiaobian for everyone to share the beauty salon decoration and the location of some matters needing attention.

beauty shop store location and store area

is well known in some large cities in the country, the facade of the rent will be very expensive. Especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places of shops, rent is generally more expensive, so in order to solve the store rent, reduce operating costs, many beauty salon owner will open beauty salons in the office, or in the shop. This will save half of the rent, reduce operating costs.

so Xiaobian for facade rent expensive shops and office area, choose the best. Not only can reduce the operating costs of beauty salons, but also for customers drainage is a very good advantage. For example, in the Shanghai area of an old block or suburban rents will be relatively cheap, it may be cheaper than half. Rental costs in Shanghai and Anhui as a whole room rent. In the Anhui area, even if the store put a little expensive rent, in fact, be worth it.

beauty salon open how much area will make money? Or take Shanghai, a business is relatively good beauty salon franchise, an area of about 250~400 square meters. The area of big shop basically is at least 5 years old, the shop, dare to expand the area of beauty salons.

beauty salon decoration environment should be arranged

beauty salons in the past few years what decoration style? Spell area practice is not a good thing for this year. In a lot of new old cases, most of the operators is the pursuit of style, personalized creative elements, instead of luxury and honor. Some are different rooms, different styles of color, can adapt to the needs of different age levels of customer demand; some are based on the project to match the room, so that each room layout with the project to be adjusted.

in a variety of innovative design, interior decoration, the highest level of the standard is recommended