Henan business daily into college to help college students choose entrepreneurship projects

college students to participate in entrepreneurship, the first thing is to think about what to do. College students with no experience often have a good idea, but found no one to buy the product. So choose a suitable entrepreneurial project is very particular about.

this is not, on Friday afternoon, the Henan business daily by the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social invitation to accompany you to choose a project "to the University campus.



with the atmosphere of entrepreneurship is not difficult to


10 23 on the afternoon, the Henan business daily to accompany you choose a project with a total of two entrepreneurial projects came to Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology.

"you reputation, students are waiting to see the project, listen to dry cargo." Liu Wenkui, chairman of Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology. Liu Wenkui introduced, the school put into operation in May 2014 Innovation Incubator Park, there are 21 students entrepreneurial economy settled, promote the employment of 122 people, many students are in the business, naturally expect to see a good project."

in the business park, in the soil net, Chong Yu Electronic Maintenance Department, a second company and beauty advertising creative design studio dozen entrepreneurial economic entities of the office area, the students use their spare time here in business practice. Wang Tao, director of innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Office in the school seems that these companies are set up by the students themselves, the school offers free venue, to help students apply for venture capital, to the market.



"coarse Prince" is a 85

first share is the nickname "coarse" prince after 85 entrepreneurs Zhu Hongsheng.

2009, 22 year old Zhu Hongsheng rented a shop began to start a business of 45 square meters, opened only a week on the collapse.