Do the three strategies to make business more prosperous shop opened

opened the job if you do a bit, which for the latter part of the store business is undoubtedly able to have a greater help. So, no matter what kind of shop we open, in fact, also need to do a good job opening. In contrast, a tobacco and non-staple food retail stores, because of the low starting point, less investment, small risk, often become a lot of choice for entrepreneurs, but this business is not able to enjoy the opening. The market is large and small retail outlets all over the corner, in order to gain a firm foothold in the market, the owner needs to study the market, careful management.

for the newly opened stores, often because the stable source, Renqibuwang, the lack of experience, make the business in the state keep going by painstaking effort for a long time. How to build a new store as soon as possible to gather popularity, to maintain a certain profit, has become a priority. In this regard, several businesses in Yuanan County of Hubei province has some good experience worthy of promotion.

"xixingdafa" popularity

Zhang Yuyou’s store is located in the city of more remote Ju Yang Road, mainly engaged in tobacco and non-staple food, daily necessaries, near the "Ju Yang District", "ginkgo Vista" and several other community residents, residents of nearly two hundred households. All of these families are said to sell commodities to the insurance, but her shop opened in June 2009 at the beginning of the daily visitor is very few, even in the other shop more popular "Yellow Crane Tower" and "Hongjinlong" and other brands of cigarettes, here also sell not salty not pale, cigarette monthly profit of only three hundred or four hundred yuan. It may worry Aunt Zhang nearly fifty.

found that after further analysis, the crux of the problem lies in the area of consumer groups, although it looks and many, but because of the real estate construction in the early, no shops nearby residents basically have formed a focus to the supermarket shopping habits, so Zhang Yuyou’s store would "dilute cold front traveling".

how to let the guests consciously into the store, change shopping habits? Zhang Yuyou took two new tricks in the client manager with the help of Wei Zhanghui. First, free custody. Residents within the district and there is often a need to temporarily store items, and some tenants express parcels and other items, because no one day in the home, also need temporary storage.

after it launched, Zhang Yuyou’s shop immediately active, which put the keys, the bag of vegetables, and when the owner is away guests brought gifts, Zhang Yuyou happy one took seriously, responsible for the custody of. Two is the phone door-to-door. Residential tenants in the temporary need for any commodity, as long as a phone call home. Good good source, Zhang Yuyou became the mouth of the "grandma, Aunt Zhang, Zhang sister", the shop popularity up, all the daily necessities are pulled back to home, Zhang Yuyou brow gradually spread.