The coffee shop business for 8 years, monthly income of over 10000 returnees entrepreneurial success

with the development of the whole society Chinese, some people’s way of life is changed, to drink coffee, coffee house has become a habit for many people’s daily life, so in the streets of some big and small coffee shop is also very much.

"coffee house" business for 8 years, monthly income of over 10000 residents   exhibition; coffee shop success through 8 years of monthly income of million


the origin: "diluted cost" to become the main industry

Before the

did not think that the simple idea of a "diluted cost" has evolved into the dragon’s main occupation. The dragons insisted that the exhibition is the cultural atmosphere of the region in Guangzhou, a few friends after finding the Nakayama Mi road of Guangzhou Art Museum, the five floor of a lease with air garden pavement, be quiet, "coffee house" was opened up, the first exhibition is of course a few a "returnees" his painting.

because of that period, Guangzhou city is not the coffee to see the exhibition free place, downtown shops immediately aroused the urban culture of people’s attention, some art complex white-collar young men and women also come in a throng.

result, coffee and drinks are particularly good, the profit income more than selling paintings from "coffee house" hit the ground running.

: exhibition business side

to make money selling coffee shop

see dragons cafe was so popular that he recommended