Promote entrepreneurship Jiangsu talent innovation and entrepreneurship service center in Jiangning

is the importance of innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent development throughout the provinces have been the introduction of talent, Jiangsu Province, in order to carry out the innovation work better, Jiangsu innovative talent service center located in Jiangning, to create a better business platform for young talents.

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  entrepreneurial talent can obtain 8 services in the days of karat gold service "platform: business counseling, government services, finance insurance, errands, enterprise cooperation, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship, evaluation of public record space. Among them, business counseling, day service operators will help gold "entrepreneurs through self-help, mutual aid, social services ignite entrepreneurial passion, perfect business plan, to provide talents from business ideas to the business model, from a technical path to market space, from the team to the governance structure of the depth of consulting services.

  in addition, the "day gold platform can also service" for the entrepreneurial talent to provide equity, guarantees, loans, financial leasing, chips, P2P, insurance and other financial products and consulting agency services, financing credit financing, unsecured.   "day service will pay more attention to the small gold" enterprises, and strive to create a free value-added service platform.

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