The key of success of the business enterprise conversion

with the development of commercial society, in many places are very popular investment, among them, some local merchants held exhibition is a very good investment way, this way also can achieve successful investment.

with the exhibition investment is relatively common, many agricultural enterprises show investment failed, the first mistake is to choose a suitable for their own is not fair, lack of error sources on their own to show cognitive confusion, did not show clear goals.

A) display of business. This is the original intention of the majority of enterprises participating, especially when companies want to market new products, the show can be said to open up a market through the corridor. In recent years, the agricultural chemicals market product renewal cycle more and more quickly, the elimination rate is more and more high, will be the emergence of many new faces every year to participate in the market "shuffle", these new forces are generally through professional exhibitions by "dark horse" attitude into the vision of the dealer.

two) corporate image advertising. Mature enterprises have perfect market network for development of the market, the goal is clear, generally do not show through the investment of these enterprises, show more means a stage to show, in this together the national counterparts and dealers to demonstrate the strength of enterprises, brand image. The attendance of such enterprises is essential to the success of the exhibition.

three) the exchange of learning. The scale of the exhibition is a microcosm of the current market, whether national or regional can reflect the pattern of the industry, reflecting the development trend of industry, enterprises often take the opportunity to carry out market research, to observe the marketing tactics and brand operation mode in the industry. At present, the organizers are trying to raise the information of the exhibition function, organizing various forums and speeches, to instill the new idea of the market, provide a rare opportunity to learn for the enterprise, to the three functions as value orientation, agricultural enterprise forecast, assessment of the participation effect, decide whether to choose which exhibitors, exhibition. By all kinds of benefits, around blindly, repeated exhibition phenomenon is very prominent, in the year held around the exhibition there are dozens of agricultural chemicals, many of the show thunder and rain, the effect is poor, the above three functions greatly reduced, so enterprises must be extremely cautious in the choice of the exhibition, there are three factors should be considered seriously:

A) market impact exhibition. Including the status of the industry, the market radiation range, "Chinese" and "international" the title of the exhibition blossom everywhere, many of whom are pulling banner of tiger skin, agrochemical enterprises should be cautious. To play the national market, selected by the national industry association, the famous exhibition company, the exhibition has considerable influence in the industry; to highlight the regional market, to the best for local exhibition, one is to reduce the cost of the exhibition, two exhibitors can make the target more targeted. The radiation range is different, the exhibitors structure is different, the influence degree of the effective investment is big recommendation