Love management can harvest more repeat customers shop

as the owner, a lot of customers from the point of view, to provide more with love service, access to higher customer recognition, which will make the store business better. In business, sometimes a very small move will impress customers. As the saying goes, "remarks to a winter three", when we recommend the cigarette, even a good word, will cause the attention of customers, we will buy more goods in the shop.

help customers select the required goods, the customer before leaving the kindly shopkeeper reminds us, help customers cut sewing clothes, see some disabled customers hurriedly help etc.. These small moves, will allow customers to remember the good of our owners, and sometimes our little move is a fortune. Here is a look at the following several retail users is how to impress customers with a small move, to share their friends to share the retail:

Ma Zhen, Henan, Nanyang province to help cigarette retail households Zhang boss

Mutation of

in the first time the weather, the temperature suddenly dropped, most parts of the country are filled with snow. In some places, or even under the blizzard, we Henan is no exception, the snow also the next stop, the road is very slippery icing everywhere.

early in the morning, I just swept the snow out of the door. About a 60 year old man with an umbrella into my shop, smiled and asked: "girl, a hot water bag in your store?" "Yes ah! Do you want something bigger or smaller? Big 7 yuan one, small one yuan 5." "My old man was hospitalized in a hospital near you." "Aunt, for adults to buy hot water bag that you buy a big point!" "Okay! Give me a bigger one, as you say!"

I put a large hot water bag to aunt, aunt pay just to cross shop. At this time, I suddenly thought of the hot water at home, how not to give her a bag of hot water. He shouted: "aunt, you first stop, you in the hospital to serve the patient is not convenient, with hot water have to spend money to buy my house with a water heater, just to give you the hot water bag filled with hot water, you go back to the hospital to hold warm, can also be directly to the warm good uncle."

aunt stopped: "ok! Girl, thank you so much. You are such a kind person." My aunt helped put the hot bag filled with hot water, and gave it to her, the woman personally sent out the door, and I must remind her along the path of the shovel, so it is not easy to slip, but be careful on the road. Aunt nodded thanks.

a few days later, she again with relatives and friends come to my shop to buy a dozen gold leaf (Hong Nanyang), said that the guests with. She also praised me is a good hearted people, know filial piety, I was very pleased. As zero