What brand of good running shoes

since the choice of fitness running, natural also need more professional footwear products, so the shoes market is more and more abundant, the product is more and more. So, what brand of shoes? Let Xiaobian to introduce you, so that you can make a better choice.

what brand is good? 1, Nike Nike: in 1972 the United States, sporting goods leading brands, one of the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturers, large multinational group, Nike sports (China) Co., ltd..

what brand is good? 2, new 100-lun NewBalance: America was founded in 1906, specializing in the design of sports goods production enterprises, ten running brand new 100-lun Trade Co. Ltd. (China).

what brand is good? 3, Adidas Adidas, Germany on 1948, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world famous brands, large multinational companies, ten brand shoes, Adidas Group Co. ltd..

what brand is good? 4, Arthur ASICS:1949 was founded in Japan, ten running global brands, occupation athletes and sports fans love the well-known brand, Arthur (China) Trading Co., ltd..

what brand is good? 5, Lining Lining: one of the most competitive sports brands in China, the internationally renowned sports brand, large-scale outdoor sports equipment providers, Lining (China) Sporting Goods Co., ltd..

what brand is good? 6, MIZUNO: Mizuno was founded in 1906 in Japan, a large multinational corporation, the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturers, MIZUNO (Chinese) sports goods co..

what brand is good? 7, Anta Anta: national trademark protection, sporting goods industry standards, one of the professional commitment to the design and production of sporting goods enterprises, Anta (China) Co., ltd..

what brand is good? 8, Do-win DOWIN: national protection trademark, China famous brand, one of the largest sports shoes production enterprises in China, Kunshan Do-win sporting goods Co., ltd..

what brand is good? 9, XTEP XTEP: national protection trademark, won the China famous brand, China’s 500 most valuable brands, famous fashion sports brand, large listed companies, XTEP (China) Co., ltd..

what brand is good? 10, 361: national trademark protection, Chinese 500 most valuable brands, professional.