Do retail business also need to be diligent accumulation

is different from some of the big shops, for the retail store, the shop owner himself is a shopping guide, direct and customer dealings. Now, it is no exaggeration to say that the retail store can see the blossom everywhere, the wrong way of retail stores. This will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of the business, some retail bosses lamented business difficult to do. But in the fierce competition, there is still a lot of business owners made smooth, bonanza.

actually, it has a lot to do with the skills and skills of retail owners. Good business owners really put their hearts into the business, as a career to do it, always intentions, always use love. Of course, I think this performance in many aspects: diligent accumulation, good customer purchasing guide is one of the important aspects.

a, familiar with the store location.

will store their goods according to the kind of neat, smoke wine, food, beverages, fruit etc.. For fragile, flammable, moisture-proof products need to do special protection must be special protection, and with a conspicuous reminder to remind customers. When customers come to buy goods, they should be able to quickly say their position or approximate location, to reduce customer search time. This will allow customers to feel comfortable, happy, but also allow customers to understand your intentions and feelings.

think of a boss is also the specific location of their goods are not clear, so that customers everywhere looking for, or even find their own half a day can not find, the customer’s mind is what feelings? If there is an emergency customer, it will have to wait? Absolutely impossible! And this will leave a bad impression on the customer’s mind, so familiar with the location of the goods in the store is every retail boss must do. This point do not take the trouble to keep in mind. Because unlike commodity prices, we can also print and post.

two, familiar with all kinds of commodity performance characteristics.

as a retail boss, you should be familiar with the characteristics of the goods you buy in the store. Can make a brief introduction to the customer. For the same commodity to clear the similarities and differences between different brands; different kinds of goods should be clear about the difference between them. For example, all kinds of tobacco manufacturers, tar content, smoke flavor characteristics, etc., all kinds of wine production business, alcohol content, manufacturing processes, etc..

different dairy manufacturers, nutritional composition and shelf life; different toothpaste ingredients, content, specifications etc.. These important commodity information by heart when customers to buy merchandise, to our advice, we can just perfect them introduce a comparative reference for customers. The appropriate introduction, let them feel the Boss speak the jargon, trustworthy, valuable.

three, familiar with the use of new methods.