A shop in farmers’ income is considerable arouses envy

with the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, farmers are no longer facing the Loess back up image. Accustomed to facing the Loess back up farming life. Do not want to be in such a family, out of a new type of farmers rely on e-commerce business to get rich. Sitting at home every day next to the computer, tapping on the keyboard, you can eat their own home to eat all the vegetables, who is it?.

an online shop to get rich after 80 new farmers carrying their parents to borrow 4000 yuan determined to venture

2000 years after graduating from junior high school, which entered the community tube Xiaowei, when he was 16 years old. A farmer, this should be a honest life with land and crops to deal with, but he is not willing to. He wants to start a business, to mix with the parents of different appearance.

no technology no education background, it is difficult to start a business. He can only choose to work in a gift factory in Guangzhou, working ten hours a day, wages will be more than and 400.

2007 years, an accidental opportunity, he saw a colleague in Taobao opened a clothing store, the income is not bad, more interesting than the work, so also sprouted the idea of open shop. He often go to the Internet cafe, to see other people’s entrepreneurship in the Taobao community experience, share their business experience and experience, looking forward to their future, often too excited to sleep at night.

2008 in August, Daniel began to dry up tube the bullets. Open shop, there are two indispensable weapon, one computer, the camera is two. He had no money, no money how to do? He thought, finally have the courage to borrow money from her parents opening Lingyun cousin tube. After graduating from the University of Guan Lingyun in Shanghai a site to engage in software design, to engage in business that cousin shop in Taobao, very supportive, immediately remit 4000 yuan. Tube Daniel spent 2999 yuan to buy Taiwan day Q1400 Shenzhou notebook computer, another 1000 yuan to buy a Nikon L16 camera, the two magic, opened his Taobao road of entrepreneurship.

only junior high school culture he started the road is very difficult


device solves the problem, but the parents did not understand, they do not know what the electronic commerce, think this is tantamount to Arabian Nights, is nonsense, scolding Guan Xiaowei to his face. At home with a computer, a parent is a scolding. It seems that at home is not dry. However, since the opening of the head, you will never give up, to be worked in the end. He thought, as long as their own performance, parents will understand and support.

he had to pack up alone, went to Guangzhou, not to go to work, but together with brother rent online venture. Guan Xiaowei didn’t have to work a day in the global network recommended