2016 of the country’s prime minister NPC and CPPCC said the ministers fight

officials and the public interaction is more close to the people, in the 2016 national NPC and CPPCC prime minister has spoken, the State Council ministers is mainly responsible for the positive response to public opinion, this does not always barber, ministers are really "fight"!

Note that the

"Friends of the press: tomorrow morning to interview in the Great Hall of the Minister of quantity," minister channel "opened earlier than usual." In the evening of March 12th, many "two sessions" registered reporters have received such a notice.

"ministers are to ‘fight’!" A newspaper reporter said with a smile.

this year "NPC and CPPCC", Premier Li Keqiang two times in a row, "said" the requirements of institutions directly under the State Council of ministers, the main person responsible for the positive response to the concerns of public opinion". He stressed that the modern government must respond to the expectations of the masses in a timely manner, all departments should take the initiative to release the public expect information, firm social confidence, give the market a clear expectation.

"NPC and CPPCC" this year is "material" for most of the year!

"just a reporter to the Ministry of Transport Minister Yang questioning Three Gorges capacity? Minister Yang will make a written reply." March 9th afternoon, the twelve session of the National People’s Congress after the opening of the second plenary session of the four, a staff member came to the minister channel microphone said.

5 minutes ago, transport minister Yang Chuantang through the Great Hall of the north gate to enter the venue, the minister channel speech before a response to a reporter about "congestion charge" questions. Because there are other ministers in the queue waiting to answer questions, Yang Chuantang is ready to leave after the end of the answer, but there are still reporters continue to shout, I hope he can answer a question about the capacity of the three gorges.

"Yang do not have time to answer, so let me come to the reporter, to reply in writing." The staff member said.

field reporters this problem is interesting. The staff gave reporters left the mobile phone number, also through the sweep with reporters for WeChat friends. More than two hours later, the reporter received a written reply to Yang Chuantang’s ability to solve the problem of the three gorges.