Small business has a new law

many people want to change their lives through entrepreneurship, small business venture is relatively low, well received by people of all ages. So there is no good way to start a small business? Let’s take a look.

turtle plum tea and Beijing instant noodles, snacks in the snack shop owner Wang Mingyuan, the market simply don’t see it engraved in our minds snacks lined up, attracted 80 fans, 90.

location at the beginning, Wang Mingyuan is the value of the shops at the snack shop around the population, more young people, there is a university and many other schools, is the best place to open the snack shop. Indeed, the distinctive characteristics of the snack shop opened, has become "the gathering of 80, 90," many customers are attracted into the store, as tourists, first photographed, and then choose snacks."


in beekeeping process, Han Yucong love to use some small coup, to earn more money to spend less. Take warm winter bees, beekeepers have mostly used quilts, and Han Yucong Chestnut Hill leaves home, before the winter in each hive below and on both sides covered and inserted into 15 cm thick leaves, covered with straw curtain, plastic brick pressure, simple, environmental protection and money. In addition, just when the spring pollen is scarce, beekeepers have to buy pollen feeding bees. Han Yucong put the corn into flour, instead of staple food as spring pollen, bee.

90 micro-blog sale of imported fruit &n>