Unlimited barbecue buffet conditions

unlimited buffet barbecue to see the name of the brand is not a feeling, you can eat here to absolute full. Yes, this is a very reliable and popular barbecue investment projects.

unlimited barbecue buffet with a strong R & D and brand management capabilities, Shanghai Pakistan peron catering enterprise management limited to modern people’s life, eating habits, meal time, taste, place, price and other aspects of the system to do the investigation, combined with the modern diet concept, break the normal procedure based on traditional delicacy, innovative and unique the diet and international standard service model to make every customer free to enjoy delicious! Is a very popular consumer love barbecue brand, then unlimited barbecue join what is the condition?

unlimited barbecue barbecue franchise conditions? What are the requirements for the site? See the following details:

unlimited buffet barbecue join conditions:

1, entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire for success and dedication, with modern management awareness.

2, there is a certain economic strength, with sufficient venture capital. Have a deep understanding and recognition of the enterprise culture management mode of "unlimited buffet barbecue", willing to abide by the unified management mode and system.

3, a high degree of confidence in the headquarters, unlimited buffet barbecue franchisee willing to accept the headquarters of the training and management.

4, no criminal and bankruptcy records, with the company’s development and expansion of the ideal.

unlimited buffet barbecue franchisee location requirements:

town business district, industrial zone, super urban area, pedestrian street, college circle, stations, airports, etc., the only product unlimited buffet barbecue shop area requirements:

1, a single product unlimited use of barbecue buffet area of 10 square meters.

2, a single product unlimited buffet barbecue shop entrance width of not less than 2 meters.

3, open the door of the store door width of not less than 1.6 meters.

4, outer space facade width shall not be less than 2.5 meters.

5, billboards should be within 1 meters height.

6, there is a special room, the only one of the unlimited number of products will be responsible for the design and renovation of barbecue.

above is an unlimited amount of self-help barbecue join conditions >