f you do not broadcast on behalf of the firm does not change the name

Jiangsu satellite TV program, if you are the one who had been caught in violation of discipline, the court ruled that its name changed. However, the latest issue of "if you are the one" is still scheduled to broadcast, and did not change the name.

1 on the evening of 9, "if you are the one" broadcast as scheduled, and issued a notice saying, do not change the name, the same wonderful! If you are the one, 21:10 will rise tonight!"


If You Are The One is a brand of TV variety shows of Jiangsu broadcasting and TV station’s TV channel every Saturday prime time broadcast, but the court said the gold ah Huan infringement. The cause of the whole thing is reviewed as follows:

2009, the movie "If You Are The One" released not long, smell the movie name ah Huan gold market value, he referred to the movie poster words, using traditional method, the application of If You Are The One "word trademark to the State Trademark bureau. In September 2010, gold has ah Huan trademark registration certificate, "" has been popular If You Are The One.

of course, this is not the first time was "If You Are The One" infringement question, initially focused on "" If You Are The One films. In this regard, Jiangsu relevant responsible person said, with Feng Xiaogang and Huayi Brothers movie channel, the other has no objection, does not constitute infringement.

2012 in May, Kim ah Huan Yizhisuzhuangjiang Jiangsu station to the Nanjing Xuanwu court, but was rejected. Before the end of the trial, the judge to solicit the views of the two sides, Jin ah Huan agreed to mediation, but Jiangsu refused to taiwan. In a section of the media to follow up, quietly withdraw prosecution ah Huan jin.

2013 February to Shenzhen Nanshan District court proceedings. December 2014, the first instance, Shenzhen Nanshan court still does not support the plaintiff. After losing the first instance of Amy to the Shenzhen intermediate people’s Court of appeal, but finally won the second comeback reversal.

2015 in December 11th, Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s Court of second instance verdict, the Jiangsu provincial radio and television to immediately stop the infringement of gold ah Huan No. 7199523rd "If You Are The One" trademark use behavior, "" column name If You Are The One immediately stop the Jiangsu TV channel to take effect after the judgment.

1 on the evening of 8, the Jiangsu provincial radio and television station issued a statement: the verdict results very surprised". Jiangsu provincial radio and television station said, Jiangsu radio and television stations and its main channel has always respected intellectual property rights, has always respected the law. "If You Are The One" when the program began to obtain Huayi Huayi Brothers Media Corp license, the use of "If You Are The One" trademark in the TV show, and pay a license fee to the.

1 9 in the morning, "" If You Are The One host Meng Fei in the hospital ward micro-blog ridicule: "since the Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court said" the name If You Are The One ‘to the people of Wenzhou gold gold boss ah Huan Jiangsu Taiwan, no, I just went to the hospital…… There is a TV in the ward to see if you are the one tonight"