Bar code printer ten brands list

bar code is already a very popular product in the current society, packaging it exists in numerous goods, and because the bar code are also derived from the barcode scanner and barcode printer. So, the bar code printer which brand good? Let us work together to understand the ten major brands of bar code, so you can choose a good brand in this industry.

bar code printer ten brands list NO.1, zebra Zebra: in 1969 the United States, the world’s top high-end brand, one of the leading global supplier of professional printing solutions, really zebra Technologies Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

barcode printer ten brand list: TSC NO.2, in 1979 in Taiwan, one of Taiwan’s largest barcode printing manufacturers, global brands, ten brands of barcode printers, Tianjin poly Technology Co., ltd..

bar code printer ten brands list NO.3, like Argox: Asia’s entire supply of barcode products and related equipment manufacturers, automatic identification industry leading brands and well-known solutions provider, Shanghai as the Pc Limited.

bar code printer ten brands list NO.4, Toshiba TEC: international label printer industry authority, industry leader, Toshiba Tec subsidiary of Toshiba Tec information systems (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..

bar code printer ten brands list, NO.5 SATO Misaki Sato: in 1940 in Japan, integrated automatic identification and data collection industry pioneer and leader, Misaki Sato automatic identification system international trade (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

bar code printer ten brands list, NO.6 SNBC: new Beiyang dedicated print scanning manufacturing services, multi domain printer solutions preferred supplier, listed company, Shandong new Beiyang information technology Limited by Share Ltd.

bar code printer ten brands list NO.7, Dimas Datamax and RFID bar code printing solutions leading supplier, one of the world’s largest barcode printer manufacturers, Konecranes (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

barcode printer ten brand list: Intermec Intermec NO.8, began in 1966 in the United States, belonging to Honeywell scanning and the mobile sector, one of the few in the world to provide comprehensive solutions to companies in the field of automatic identification.

bar code printers top ten brand NO.9, GODEX GODEX: highly competitive label printing machine business, professional design >