Environmental quality and ecological protection Fujian began to take the road of Marketization

in the process of economic development, our environment has been greatly damaged, for our health is a great threat, in order to create a healthy living environment, Fujian began to take new initiatives. By 2020, the province’s energy saving and environmental protection industry output value reached 235 billion yuan, and the formation of a new pattern of government, enterprises, society, a total of three yuan to accelerate the construction of national ecological civilization pilot area. This is the reporter from the day before the provincial government issued the "Fujian Province, foster the development of environmental protection and ecological protection market implementation opinions" learned.

environmental quality and ecological protection has been in everyone’s attention, but the effectiveness of these years is small, so people’s health is still not better protection. It is understood that the province will implement market-oriented environmental management and ecological protection from environmental governance mode, industrial market, urban and rural environmental governance and public facilities market environment, ecological restoration and protection of the market, energy saving service market, environmental rights and technical equipment service market, eco design consulting services market in six aspects, accelerate cultivation of environmental management and ecological protection market.

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