Guangzhou introduction of entrepreneurship to support the new deal 5 years and then cast a vote of 1

in recent years, the unemployment rate rose slightly, the government in order to encourage entrepreneurs to venture investment, have introduced various policies to support entrepreneurship, comprehensive coverage from economy to politics, for entrepreneurs to escort all the way.

12 held the 14 session of the executive meeting of the Guangzhou municipal government decided to consider this year, by 2019, Guangzhou will invest more than $5 to support entrepreneurship within the next 1 billion 100 million years, increase subsidies to support efforts to increase the intensity of the investment in the country’s economy by the end of the year. The new subsidies will be issued within a half months, in line with the conditions of entrepreneurs and start-ups, business base can apply for a one-time venture funded, entrepreneurship incubator subsidies, subsidies to a total of 10 business subsidies and funding.

subsidies for the largest, is the demonstration of the business incubator subsidies. On the newly identified municipal model entrepreneurial incubation base, after giving 100 thousand yuan subsidy. Identified in accordance with the provisions to participate in the assessment and standards, a one-time subsidy of 200 thousand yuan.