7 proposals for sports entrepreneurs

days ago, athletes Chen Yibing began to get involved in sports social entrepreneurship, business APP. Many sports stars in the retirement after the venture, but in reality there are a lot of sports startups because of poor management and bankruptcy, the main problem is the contradiction between the partners.

startup failure, more than 65% because of the problems of internal management. Throughout the current sports startups, this data will be more than 65%, or even more than 70%. Summary of the author’s contact with the 26 sports entrepreneurs tear force case, I have 7 suggestions are as follows:

CEO is not a privilege, but to play

is not for everybody when the "boss"

see most of the partners "tear force" phenomenon, mostly because of interest. In fact, entrepreneurs must have a sense of mission, is to say I have dreams and feelings. So, you gather a group of employees is not for profit, with a sense of mission to participate in the business, so the company recommended