At the beginning of entrepreneurs to master this action can take potential customers

for novice entrepreneurship, can gain the trust of potential customers is very important, because it directly affects their performance, if you have no experience. You want to learn real skills talk, can achieve this point is a big step of entrepreneurship.

Before you buy the products in

you decide to develop your business with a noble idea, but potential customers do not understand you. Because before untraceable, establish a trust relationship so it will be very difficult. One of the things I’ve been talking to my startup clients is that they understand the voice of the industry from potential customers.

1  share real success stories

One of the most important methods for

2  don’t make sure

if you start to make the guarantee, then there is no difference with the previous supplier at all. Most experienced decision makers know that it is almost impossible to make a precise guarantee in a service based industry, such as marketing.

3  do not charge too low service fee