What are the common disputes


a lot of entrepreneurs to join this road in the choose for this industry is not enough to understand, and often join headquarters in some contracts which would cause the above talk ambiguously, produce late disputes. In short, in order to join the way to set up shop business, is a lot of people want to reduce the risk of failure of modern venture. But as a prospective franchisee, you know which issues often occur between the headquarters and the franchise? What should be prepared before joining you?

What are the rights and obligations of

before you sign the contract? Some join in signing after joining, found that the actual operation conditions and coordination, and before joining the imagine there is a big gap, so the headquarters of resentment unceasingly, a feeling of regret a previous mistake. While standing in the franchise headquarters stand for with the stores also feel quite helpless, not to abandon the headquarters activities to do too much, or else do not cooperate with headquarters. The spirit of the contract does not understand, and rely on the operation of the transition headquarters, do not operate their own serious.

in the franchise business, Taiwan than the mainland in front, there are a lot of useful experience can learn from. This print will serialize Taiwan relevant person summed up the ten most common to dispute, the purpose is to let the majority of people choose entrepreneurial franchise mode, do not repeat the same mistakes.

ten of the most common disputes are:

first, the franchisee for the headquarters of the "marketing support and guidance" is not satisfied;

two, franchise stores to provide the "commodity price" is not satisfied;

three, the headquarters of the franchise "policy coordination and execution" is very low;

four, the franchise for the monthly turnover is not satisfied;

five, stores and headquarters for the "purchase of goods can not purchase their own restrictions," the dispute;

six, franchise stores for the promotional activities are not willing to cooperate;

seven, stores and headquarters for the "values of the scope of protection," the differences of opinion;

eight, the franchise for the headquarters of the "education and training" does not match;

nine, franchise: the monthly payment of royalties and management fees, "controversial;

ten, the store can not pay monthly loan on time.

whether it is the headquarters for the headquarters of the complaint, or headquarters for the store’s dissatisfaction with each other