What fruit store profit

Often we need to eat fruit

, eat more fruit is good for our health, can add more vitamins, fruit as the necessities of life, but also has a broad consumer market, the fruit shop to join the business, is also very good. But many people have not done a similar business before, do not know what to do, it is not clear whether they can make money. Fruit store for profit how to join this problem, the following to introduce.

open a brand fruit store, its investment costs and profits is how? The investment cost of the brand fruit store:

1, store rent: usually we will choose the store in the popular shopping district, a large shopping mall near the intersection, the rent is usually 8000 yuan -20000 yuan.

2, join Gold: usually we join a brand, need to pay a certain amount of gold. Among them, joined the gold including the brand to join the fee, margin and brand royalties.

3, store renovation costs: 10000-20000 yuan.

The cost of equipment spending,

4 shop: we usually use a wicker or straw container for fruit, general expenses in two thousand or three thousand to ten thousand dollars. In order to ensure the freshness of fruits, also have to purchase a few sets of small atomizer, at a cost of 100 yuan.

5, fruit costs: according to the purchase of different varieties, the cost of about 10000 yuan.

overall, the amount of pre investment of about 50 thousand -20 million. Due to the strong brand advantage, a variety of fruit types, the best location and a fixed consumer groups, brand fruit stores can generally return to the fast, earn huge profits. According to statistics, the profit of this type of franchise stores in general 30%-40%.

If the

in the business when the fruit industry is more interested in their own to open a store is very good, to open a fruit shop, if business is good, and the product quality is good, or very profitable. After reading about the fruit shop to join in the details of how to profit, but also hope to be able to provide some help, so that people can more easily shop.

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