Rapid development momentum of China’s rapid development of the world’s second

in recent years, with the electricity supplier situation is excellent, which led to the development of the courier service industry, the market gradually soared. Held in June 25th the establishment of the Federation of logistics and purchasing Chinese general branch of e-commerce logistics and express, the reporter was informed that last year China’s express delivery service companies accumulated business volume reached 9 billion 200 million, the market size rose to second in the world, representing a growth rate of up to 61.6%, over the past five years the average growth rate of 43.5%.

This process

, the electricity supplier logistics development is lagging behind the level of the phenomenon began to highlight, land, taxation, traffic bottlenecks and other policies to be a breakthrough, enterprise logistics service level is uneven, greatly influence consumer experience, city high distribution cost, low operation efficiency.

"electricity supplier logistics frequently caught" explosion "embarrassment, employing the overall quality to be improved, security problems have occurred." China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said He Liming, a series of problems and problems, relying solely on a business, or the strength of a certain aspect, it may be difficult to effectively solve. Gradually solve these problems, it is the day of the newly established e-commerce logistics and express branch of the important work.