Environmental protection hit mining companies repeatedly shot

now, people’s awareness of environmental protection has been showing an increasing trend, many people are very concerned about. Moreover, we are also discussed in the end who is the culprit of environmental protection. Of course, mining companies often shot. So, such enterprises should be how to break the environmental protection?

for rapid economic development and natural environment harmony, is a common problem in the process of modernization of the world. Among them, the coordinated development of energy utilization and environment is a major concern of the world. In recent years, the mining enterprises repeated exposure to environmental events, was all about, how to deal with these environmental problems, the key is to advance the identification and prevention of environmental legal risks, has become a new problem by enterprise managers concern.

environmental law issues should pay attention to

legal problems caused by the hidden land expropriation dispute hidden danger in the process of EIA /

in the project EIA process, the EIA agencies will calculate health protection corresponding to the distance according to the different scale of construction projects, and as an important indicator of future environmental protection acceptance. Under normal circumstances, the EIA agency will produce an environmental impact assessment document for the project, and determine the range of protection, that is, the scope of demolition. However, some large projects are likely due to changes in the completion of the construction project to single stage construction, or expand or reduce the scale of construction projects, and the health protection distance will change accordingly, the scope of the demolition will change, at the same time, due to the demolition expanding scope of compensation "or" small the dispute will follow.

If voted to build the project of large scale, long construction period, so, in the feasibility study report or letter of project production stage should consider project sub construction, namely "staging, staging EIA voted to build a" not recommended "the whole project EIA, after re construction".

in addition, if the project scale changes, resulting in the construction period of adjustment or the scale of the project or reduced, enterprises should be based on the "Environmental Impact Assessment Law" provisions of article twenty-fourth of the environmental impact assessment of construction projects timely re approval documents, and timely and appropriate public information, and strive to achieve the interactive relationship between man and interest and communication in an open and transparent environment, in order to avoid the masses due to unnecessary misunderstanding and doubt.