Acting clothing business or will enter the eat more meals Era

agent clothing business needs to be very understanding of the market changes. Since last year, in the middle of the clothing dealers began to pop up a small amount of stock, multiple purchase model, to eat more meals in the form of clothing sales.

"it is new, just to the goods, and only one, not to participate in today’s activities." In front of the Hangzhou Yintai a side of the hall, the clerk warmly greet customers, next week will be a number of new, then you can look at." After the spring and summer this year, a bad battle, many dealers are planning to eat less food in the purchase mode replication in the future, it will become the norm.

"clothing sales growth rate will decline is expected to about 10% this year, dealers are generally a bit difficult to do at the same time shouting in the business, also wondering what would your order risk down. Now began to OTC autumn mostly half year pre orders, faced with changes in the market, many dealers are worried." A shopping industry insiders told reporters, but for some of the brand has been to take the spot order mode, their advantage is revealed at this time."

is known for the rapid reaction of ZARA and H& M is a good example, ZARA in Europe, the fastest delivery time for 22 days, many domestic brands also hope to learn this mode of operation. "Next year we will change the order of two times a year to about four times a year." A Hangzhou local Cowboy brand relevant responsible person revealed.

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