How early is the number of employees in the start-up company in the most appropriate

if you ask the entrepreneurial boss, the most difficult problem in the early days of entrepreneurship, I believe they will not say that the recruitment of the most headaches, so I do not know the number of employees to be controlled in what range.

see a micro-blog Ni East:

it is very reasonable, probably thousands of reasons of business failure, but with investment and failure of the company most of them go this way.

1. co-founder of not more than 3 (unless the start is a star class project, similar to millet).

2. did not get the investment, if there are profitable business, the number of not more than 10, if there is no profit business, the number of not more than 5.

3. after getting the first investment, no more than 5 million yuan, such as no customer service and a large number of sales staff, the number of not more than 15.

EOE Jin Yan wrote this passage, for your reference:

on start-ups of the number, to help friends and I always start, first I also puzzled why a company to do something, you need a dozen? Why CEO cut, the number of companies inside the cut in half? Even what reception, HR, have their own to do.

then slowly understand, the original number is not a necessary condition for success, and even some time and in the number of startups is inversely proportional to the success. I know a friend, very interesting, he said, Jin Yan, I summed up a start-up company to improve the efficiency of the formula 3 times, I listened to listen, I feel quite so. At least very interesting, people can understand the reference, do not understand people can win a smile.

startups increased 3 times the efficiency of empirical formula:

1, assuming that the company had 50 people, low efficiency, always feel not enough manpower. The boss of every department is always quarreling.