How entrepreneurship should be prepared

business is not blind hard work, but should do the preparatory work, so if you want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, then you should do what kind of preparation? At the beginning of the business, how should you choose your own venture? In response to these problems, and let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, I want to start a business, how to prepare?

if the business is divided into many modules, then I say it includes at least the team leadership, communication and networking, stranger organization establishment and management, physical preparation, marketing based ability and mobilization ability. These modules can be separated from the volunteers can do, when the student cadre or community leaders, trying to build small communities and management of public welfare projects.

2, entrepreneurship how to choose their own projects?

3, entrepreneurship can imitate people?

4, and now the number of entrepreneurs after 60 than after the opportunity of 70?