The promotion of new products should be planned and implemented

innovation is the life of the enterprise, the enterprise in order to maintain competitive advantage in the market, only constant innovation, the development of new products, in order to consolidate the market, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.    

  in reality, a lot of enterprises invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for the development of new products suitable for the market, but in the process of early   died. Why even if the market for new products in the promotion process will die? Facts have proved that the reasons are as follows:

  first, the promotion of new products are better companies have plans to promote, and step by step to implement the plan. The promotion is not good business is the enterprise new product to customers Everything will be fine. not to take other measures to promote actively.

  second, the real sales rely on people to implement the company’s sales staff, often for new products and dealers will have serious emotional conflict, conflict is the cause of the sales staff and dealers are not willing to bother the promotion of new products, they will focus on the promotion of mature products, rapid from the volume, it is easy to improve sales significantly. So, enterprises to ensure that the new product promotion should take what steps?

    first, to ensure that the sales team and distributors, the two installment of the

  attention and morale; new product launch held before the listing of new products training, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all members of the channel. Improve sales staff, dealers, the enthusiasm of the two batch of business, to participate in the promotion of new products, the formation of the three linkage to promote the new product promotion atmosphere. As to the sales staff, distributors and two operators for the promotion of new products and the importance of "advocacy, to introduce them to where new products in the birth of ideas, its advantages and benefits, so that all members of the channel for the new listing to be aware of, to enhance confidence.

  in addition to the sales staff, distributors and two operators in the process of new products listed are the special assessment index, accelerate new product spread speed, forming new sales atmosphere, so that they understand the process of doing good, naturally good, as long as the process of the promotion of new products in each index (laying rate, display, promotion, price system and so on) in place, new products will promote successful sales of natural good. To be specific:

  1, prior to listing new call all sales personnel, dealers and two operators to participate in the promotion of new products training;

  2, for all sales personnel, specialized dealers set new sales task;

  3, the daily sales report and reflect on the new sales meeting the performance is concerned, the establishment of performance analysis system to improve the full control of the new production.